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The Corzano ring trail

The Corzano ring trail

The opening of the bicycle and pedestrian track between Bagno di Romagna and San Piero in Bagno offers the possibility of a unique round trip between the two towns and the Sanctuary of Corzano. A simple stroll, also ideal for summer evenings, which starts at Bagno di Romagna beside the "Pizzeria Invito" on the left bank of the Cappella River (496 asl). Following the blue/red signs of the CAI 193b trail from here and the information boards of the "Cam­mino di San Vicinio" (Way of San Vicinio) along the ashphalted uphill road for about half a kilometre you reach the Palazza hillock in the midst of the houses. Then, ignoring the various branches, we follow the unmade road which in the first stretch retraces the old mule track toward the La Vigna and Casina and Montanino di sopra farmsteads, scattered over the Incisa Valley cut out by the Cappella River and overlooked by the high crest of the Ripa del Toro (Toro Cliff). The trail passes through vegetable gardens, hedges and fields to a small plateau where what remains of the Oratory of Santa Maria Maddalena (chronicled at least from 1729) protrudes from a clump of trees near the Batocco farm which can be seen on the left. After a wide bend - a chain bars access to vehicles – the unmade road continues to wind its way gently upward gradually opening up the panorama and leading to plantations of various types (Austrian pine, spruce, Arizona cypress...), bordered by wild rose bushes, juniper and meadows with grazing cattle. After a short climb, ignoring the branch on the right toward Campodonico, we come to a bar. We are at Pian della Croce (766 m) a small saddle in the valley. Here the trail joins the CAI 193. On the left it becomes a narrow path that climbs toward Monte Castelluccio, whereas we continue straight ahead toward Corzano and San Piero in Bagno. We follow the ups and downs on the small ridge between the Savio Valley and the smaller Paganico Valley with its patchwork of cultivated fields. After passing the “il Monte” house (710 m), in little more than 1 km we come to a gate which opens into the car parks of Corzano. The ruins of the medieval castle can be glimpsed through the vegetation on the way to the extensive plateau immersed in a flourishing natural environment where the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Corzano stands. It was built in the middle of the eighteen hundreds to venerate and conserve the image of the "Madonna with Child” depicted in a fifteenth century fresco inside a little church which stood amid the ruins of a castle that once belonged to the Guidi Counts of Bagno di Romagna and which still towers over the valley. Something worth visiting is the imposing sections of wall and the cistern in the rock, but even more deserving is the modest Sanctuary with is original asymmetrical form. On this hill (678 asl), nature, faith and history weave together in a picturesque scene.

At the side of the entrance to the church we take the paved mule track – signposted blue/red CAI 193 and "Cammino di San Vicinio” – which descends to S. Piero in Bagno (1 km). The "Il Faro di Corzano" association has completely recovered and rebuilt it. The mule track is now punctuated with bronzes by Carmelo Puzzolo representing the stations of the cross and they are replicas of those produced by the artist for the Mount of Apparitions in the Sanctuary of Medjugorje. Following the trail we soon come alongside the imposing parish church of San Piero in Bagno which overlooks the gardens of the town (463 asl). In front of the beautiful school building, on the right we take via Nazario Sauro lined with linden trees and continue to where it joins the provincial road SP. 38 (0.500 km). After about one hundred metres we move over to the bicycle and pedestrian track that starts next to the bridge over the Savio River and in little less than 2 km we come to Bagno di Romagna. The track is extremely new and the lighting makes it ideal for cool picturesque evening strolls. Care should be taken however when crossing the turnoff for the E/45.

Warning! Because of the bad weather of the last winter and spring season, along mule tracks and paths you can find trees and signs fallen on the ground, therefore we strongly advise and with care, where the tracing or conventional signs are no longer visible or not explanatory, to adopt the utmost caution and above all to interrupt the chosen ring by retracing the steps already taken backwards.


Campodonico (723) - Macchia del Cacio (1045) - Monte Castelluccio (1115). Campodonico is reached through the path Bagno - Corzano - San Piero starting next to Pizzeria Invito.

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