Lapide all'ing. Alcide Boschi

Lapide all'ing. Alcide Boschi sui Mandrioli

.It is located on the facade of the "Raggio dei Mandrioli", located at km. 202 of the SS 71 of Passo Mandrioli. The following inscription reads: "BAGNO DI ROMAGNA 16 JULY 1908. BORN IN PISA ON 2 SEPTEMBER 1839, DEAD 16TH JULY 1892, THE CAV. ING.ALCIDE BOSCHI, CONSTRUCTED, MONUMENT IMPERITURO, OF ITS ARTISTIC WISDOM, THIS ROAD OF MANDRIOLI. NUCLEO DI AMMIRATORI, QMP ". On May 1, 1892, the City Council of Bagno di Romagna proposed to erect two memorials to show the sincere gratitude to the engineer. Alcide Boschi del Genio Civile, who had designed the "Tosco Romagnola" road between Soci and Bagno di Romagna in 1870 and then fought to finally complete it (1882), thus removing this part of Tuscany from isolation. The tombstones were never commissioned; and so in 1908 - 16th anniversary of the tragic death of the Boschi - a nucleus of admirers provided autonomously

Getting here

BY CAR: follow the SP. 138 up to the junction with the SP. 142 (ex SS 71) which then runs up to km 11. It is on the front of the hotel "Raggio".

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