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lapide generali inglesi

Lapide ai Generali inglesi a Seghettina

From 8 September 1943 a symbolic British major - composed of 11 generals and 25 officers of various degrees - who fled from the concentration camp of Vincigliata (Fiesole), found refuge on the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, housed in the Seghettina farmhouses, Ridracoli, Strabatenza, Rio Salso. Between December and the following May, thanks to an extraordinary and courageous "trafila", they reached the Adriatic in various stages and then reunited with their armies. To remember this significant and little known moment, the Province of Forlì in 1984 placed a plaque in Seghettina, a hamlet of the Municipality of Bagno di Romagna, now surrounded by the artificial lake of Ridracoli.
It reads: "These houses of Seghettina received in the autumn of 1943 a large group of high-ranking British army officers who escaped the prisons, and then resumed a long difficult itinerary that led them to the headquarters of the allied troops in southern Italy. The populations of the Apennines and the Romagna plains, even at the risk of life, were courageously and lovingly by their side to restore them to freedom October 1984. The Province of Forlì ".

Getting here

Seghettina can only be reached by impervious mule tracks that start from the Lama or Ridracoli.

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