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Cimitero di S. Piero in Bagno - cimiteri_mon_gue

Cemetery of S. Piero in Bagno

The elegant nineteenth-century cemetery of S. Piero in Bagno (1888-1891) is the most polished of the many works that the architect and engineer Cesare Spighi (1854-1929), who was one of the most important building experts to have worked in Tuscany between the nineteenth and twentieth century, created in this area which became his adoptive home, over a career spanning fifty years. The natural use of Gothic style reworked in a Romantic key and the use of locally sourced materials even for creating refined decorations, mean that this cemetery is particularly splendid. The cemetery is designed as a consecrated area that is enclosed by buildings. The architectural design is such that no single part dominates, but the importance of the chapels and tombs set along a semicircle that is the backdrop to the building, which was completed between 1888 and 1890, is equally distributed. Entrance to the cemetery is through an elegant building that houses service areas and a living area for the caretaker, which leads onto a large lawn for graves that are separated by pathways. The perspective inside includes everything, permitting the eye to follow the curve of the backdrop that is composed of 32 tombs divided at regular intervals by 4 family chapels set against them and enclosing another lawn that can be accessed by a stairway. A large chapel/oratory, with a fine portico supported by columns bearing capitals depicting the symbols of the Evangelists John (eagle) and Mark (lion) is set at the centre of the semi-circle and divides the backdrop into two parts where chapels and tombs were built later and separately by private individuals, but respecting Spighi's overall design. In 1953 the growth in the population led to the addition of two side wings that did not alter the original design. This project by the engineer Bonanni also included the building of a single private chapel in each wing. In 1968 new niches were built in the centre of both wings.

Getting here

It is located just outside S. Piero in Bagno, on the SP 138 road.

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