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Parco di Bagno di Romagna

Park of Bagno di Romagna

The park covers 10,000 m2 of flat land located between Via Lungosavio and the Savio river. The park in the upper section was created in 1925 and many species were planted (plane trees, linden trees, fir) that today provide shade for the park's paths. Benches and tables are available throughout the area.

The lower part of the park was created much more recently and has been well equipped as a children's playground (slides, swings, roundabouts). There are 2 tennis courts, a skating rink, a kiosk for refreshments and a car-park located between the two sections. A small bridge over the river Savio leads to the "Sentiero degli Gnomi" (Path of the Gnomes).

- Via Lungosavio - 47021 Bagno di Romagna (FC)

Getting here

It is situated in Via Lungosavio.

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