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Mulino delle Cortine on the Bidente of Pietrapazza

Mulino delle Cortine on the Bidente of Pietrapazza

The complex consists of two mills placed transversally to the course of the Bidente di Pietrapazza from which a long berignale, now buried, took the water by conveying it on the wooden spoons of the horizontal millstones. Between the two mills there is the house with an oven next to the entrance protected by a canopy; the ground floor leads to the rooms with a stone staircase. Other rooms and a kitchen are in the back of the larger building.

The Mulino delle Cortine, formerly known as "dei Prati" when it was a community, was led by Francesco Satanassi in 1816, while Giovan Filippo Fabbri di Andrea was the leveler and in 1800 - as evidenced by the date on the lintel of a small window - he built the small recovery mill, called "guadelo", with two millstones, which used the "lost" water from the mill above. In 1829 the complex was described as follows: "On the ground: room for the millstones with 1 millstone; on the ground stable and 2 stalls for farm use. On the ground room for the millstones with one millstone and another room, loggia and oven. Shed for use colonial ".

In 1834 Filippo Fabbri purchased the Prati mill from the Municipality of Bagno. In 1902 Giovanni Giannelli is the owner; in 1943 Giulio Milanesi was Maurizio. It was abandoned in 1968 by the owner Maurizio Milanesi.
The nucleus, owned by the Emilia-Romagna Region, is in concession to the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, Monte Falterona and Campigna which has restored the buildings, arranged the millstones, raised an environmental education center and a structure used for hospitality (Casa del Miller, sleeps 15).
The structure was managed by the Esploramontagne Association which mainly promoted the activities of hiking, nature tourism, environmental education.

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Getting here

BY CAR: from S. Piero in Bagno take the SP. 26 and follow it up to 14 km where you take a winding municipal road on the left which in 6 km leads to the hamlet of Poggio alla Lastra. Coming from Forlì to S. Sofia instead, follow the SP 26, and at km 1.00 turn right onto the municipal road. Once in Poggio alla Lastra, shortly after, follow the dirt track on the left for about 4.00 km. After passing the equipped area of ​​Ponte del Faggio, continue for about 500 meters: the detour to the Mulino delle Cortine is 50 meters. before a bar on the right.

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