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Maestà Giannelli a Monte Piano

Maestà Giannelli a Monte Piano

It is located along the mule track that from S. Piero in Bagno led to Rio Salso, shortly after the Monte Piano crino. It indicated a junction of roads that led anyway to Rio Salso: the left one, now canceled, cutting diagonally the slope and lingering in the valley; the one on the right, faster, following the ridge and then descending to Rio salso. The majesty is a pillar on a stacked base, with a two-water roof surmounted by an iron cross; on the nicchio with the façade in a single piece of sandstone is engraved: "TO FIND AN EXCHANGE IN ANY RUIN DEH INVOCATE OF THE CIEL THE GREAT QUEEN FF.AD. 1883 THE MR GIOVANNI GIANNELLI". It was erected by grace received by Giovanni Giannelli, owner of Rio Salso, after having escaped two criminals who stabbed and robbed him while at night he was returning from the market of S. Piero in Bagno: the mare arrived unsaddled to the stable and the family members could so help him. On one side of the majesty is reported the kilometric distance - "4,274 Km" - of the distance from S. Piero in Bagno of the mule track.

Getting here

WALKING: in S. Piero in Bagno, from Piazza Allende, take Via Verdi and reach the Ponte sul Fosso di Paganico. Immediately after the bridge on the left, take the marked white / red trail of the "Val di Bagno trek", which in little more than 4 km passes before the majesty. BY CAR: follow the partially asphalted road from Via Verdi to the square of Monte Piano, where, after leaving the car, you have to follow the uphill path that leads to Monte Piano on the right for about 400 meters.

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