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Bagno di Romagna - Anghiari

Bagno di Romagna - Anghiari: 45 km

From Sansepolcro a straight stretch of road (almost intact after five centuries) leads to Anghiari after 7 km, a walled town rising on a hill. Thence an enchanting view of the entire upper valley of the Tiber is commanded. Anghiari still preserves its original city plan and remarkable monuments, such as the noble people houses and minor buildings. Elements and details of the deco-rations are extremely valuable: facades, portals, floors, wrought iron and inlays, wells, fountains, arches.
The sixteenth century walls enclose the untouched medieval centre where houses rose one close to the other facing narrow roads and ascend the hilltop where Palazzo dei Priori rises. Ren-aissance architectures are close to medieval buildings and stone is alternated to bricks. The maze of narrow roads - often actual stairs - leads into the heart of the settlement where craftsmanship shops (restoration and antiques) can be found. Each small square or lane surprises, as the Romanesque church with an octagonal plant at Badia and the medieval church of St Agostino, or Palazzo Taglieschi. The Palace is now a Museum gathering wonderful artistic treasures, such as the timber Ma-donna by Jacopo della Quercia or a Nativity in polychrome earthenware by Andrea della Robbia.

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Referent: Information office of Anghiari (AR)

 From Bagno di Romagna take the E-45 clearway towards Rome, and leave it at S.Sepolcro Sud. Then, take the national road 73 as far as the crossroad on the right to Anghiari.


To visit the Parish Church of S.Maria delle Grazie which houses a great robbian.In Piazza Mameli the renaissance Palazzo Taglieschi.

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