Cippo di Monte Carpano

Cippo di Monte Carpano

It is a boulder of rough-hewn stone bearing the inscription: "FROM HERE, MESSERE, THE VALLEY IS DOMINATED: WHAT YOU SEE IS, BUT IF THE IMAGE IS SCARED, WE'LL SLOW DOWN TO REMOVE IT FROM LOWER." This verse of a song by the "Banco di Mutuo Soccorso" was recorded on a memorial stone placed in 1998 along one of the most evocative routes of the "Val di Bagno Trek", in a point where you can enjoy a vast panorama, just below the summit of Monte Carpano, where the Mulattiera flows from Bagno di Romagna to Pietrapazza and the "Sentiero del Lupo" trail.

Getting here

It is located on the Passo di Monte Carpano, reachable by the mule track that runs from Bagno di Romagna to Pietrapazza (Sentiero CAI 189 and Val di Bagno Trek).

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