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Casanova dell'Alpe

Casanova dell'Alpe

Casanova dell'Alpe (971 m asl) is an abandoned village on the ridge between the Bidente di Pietrapazza valleys and the Bidente di Ridracoli: three stone houses, the church, the small cemetery and the school. The parish in 1921 had 176 inhabitants and still 25 in 1971: then silence. On the site, documented as early as the fourteenth century, the Opera del Duomo, owner of the surrounding forests, built in 1685 - at the request of the population - the church of S. Maria del Carmine, then erected in the parish in 1784. The village lived on rearing , agriculture and smash and was the point of reference for those who traded timber or went for seasonal jobs in the forests, then grand-ducal first state property. Until 1959 this fraction, the highest in the Municipality of Bagno di Romagna (1,027 m asl), was only reachable via impervious mule tracks. The lack of roads, light and telephone has accelerated the exodus. The school building was inaugurated in 1956 and closed ten years later, when the parish priest had already left. Today Casanova dell'Alpe, located on the Romagna side of the "National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, Monte Falterona and Campigna", is no longer isolated because it can be reached by forest paths from Cancellino, Ridracoli, Santa Sofia through Poggio alla Lastra and Strabatenza. Church, rectory and other buildings in the surroundings are restored strata.

Getting here

BY CAR: from S. Piero in Bagno take the SP. 26 and follow it up to 14 km where you take on the left a winding municipal road that in 6 km leads to the village of Poggio alla Lastra; coming instead from Forlì, to S. Sofia you follow the SP 26, and at km 1.00 you turn right into the municipal road. Once in Poggio alla Lastra, shortly after you follow the dirt track on the right that goes up to Casanova dell'Alpe (about 6 km). It can be reached with a driveway also from Ridracoli (10.00 km).

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