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cicloturismo, mountain bike


Bagno / Anello del Castelluccio per MTB

Anello del Castelluccio

From Bagno di Romagna we follow the pedestrian cycle track up to S. Piero in Bagno, to then take us to Piazza Allende where we take Via Verdi, following it up to the nineteenth-century stone bridge over the Rio. We are already outside the inhabited area, in front of a slope bordered by two deep streams that descends from the secondary ridge and towards which, immediately beyond the bridge, a narrow municipal road goes up among worked fields: we instead follow the path on the left , marked b / r, which leads to the two farms of Raggio tracing the old mule track Sbucati sull'asfaltata, we follow it to the junction for Paganico, then take the road to the right that we abandon shortly after to enter, still on the right and then left , on a dirt path, also marked, which with a single challenging trak goes up to Monte Piano. Once reached the ridge and come out on the trail of a mule track, we take it to the left, to go down to a clearing that is a crossroads of roads and tracks: we follow the dirt road closed by a bar and tabbed by "Val di Bagno Trek" (CAI 201). It flows in solitude, with pleasant ups and downs between fir and coppices, on the secondary ridge that leads to Monte Castelluccio and that in this stretch separates the valleys of Rio Salso (right) and the Rio of Paganico (left) closed by a ridge that from the hill Corzano goes to weld itself just below the summit of Castelluccio. Arrived about 600 from the top we leave the track and take a path on the left (CAI 193) - whose grafting is indicated by a table (Val di Bagno Trek) - which runs along that long and jagged crest, tracing an ancient path that it connected the castle of Corzano to the secondary ridge, along which the primitive medieval road ran. It is a continuous single trak that in the first stretch runs between galestras on the top of the Inca Valley and allows you to admire a vast landscape that goes from the entire massif of Còmero to the tormented jogaia dell'Appennino, border between Romagna and Tuscany; then it enters into firs and an undergrowth rich in perfumes, and finally comes to graft onto a dirt road that comes from Bagno di Romagna. You take it to the left to reach the Corzano hill, in the two car parks located a short distance from the Rocche. After a visit to the ruins of the castle and the Sanctuary of the Madonna in the green, back to the parking lot and resume the path back to 193: at the rail / chain we continue straight on a wide track down the Valle dell'Incisa down to Bagno di Romagna.


ROUTE: Bagno di Romagna (496 m asl) - S. Piero in Bagno (463 m asl) - Raggio (632 m asl) - Monte Piano (1049 m asl) - Piazzale (992 m asl) - Monte Castelluccio (1,115 m asl) - Campodonico (725 m asl) ) - Corzano (678 m asl) - Campodonico - Bagno di Romagna (486 m asl). LENGTH: 18,400 km. TIME: 1.45 minutes / Fully marked / WATER POINTS: Radius, Corzano. NOTES: few difficulties; nice stretch of single trak.

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