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Madonna col Bambino e Santi a S. Silvestro ( XVI sec.)

Madonna col Bambino e Santi a S. Silvestro (XVI sec)

On the left wall of the parish church of S. Silvestro in Fontechiusi is placed an altarpiece depicting the "Madonna with Child, St. Nicholas of Bari and St. James", also called Madonna del Latte because the Bimbo nurses the Mother. The painting echoes compositions by the Florentine painter Antonio del Ceraiolo active in Florence from 1510 to 1550. The work, placed at S. Silvestro at the beginning of the twentieth century by the RR. Galleries of Florence, has been restored by Don Natale de Vincenti - last parish priest residing in San Silvestro -, after long pilgrimage (27 years) between the Superintendencies of Bologna and Florence. The church is officiated occasionally.

San Silvestro - Via San Silvestro, 1 - 47021 BAGNO DI ROMAGNA (FC)
Getting here

BY CAR: From Bagno di Romagna drive towards Cesena along the SP. 138; pass through the village of San Piero in Bagno and stay on the SP. 138 for a little less than 2 km until you reach a village on the left where a country road winds for 2 km up to the village. BY BUS: The START Romagna 138 bus will take you as the turn off for the village. (9 km trip from Bagno di Romagna).

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