L'ultima cena, XVI secolo

L'ultima cena, XVI secolo

In the sanctuary of Corzano, on the back of the main altar, there is a canvas depicting "The Last Supper", performed by a Florentine painter towards the end of the sixteenth century. The valuable work was donated by a benefactor in the mid-nineteenth century to the Sanctuary.

Corzano - 47021 Bagno di Romagna (FC)
Getting here

The Sanctuary, 5 km from Bagno di Romagna, can be reached by a carriage road from S. Piero in Bagno which starts from via Verdi. Corzano can also be reached by footpaths and mule tracks from Bagno and S. Piero in Bagno. Ample parking. The Sanctuary is open from May to September. Tel: 0543-917402

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