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Cappella della Madonna a S. Silvestro (1515)

Cappella della Madonna a S. Silvestro (1515)

Along the right wall of the Church of S. Silvestro stands an elegant and solemn chapel dedicated to the Madonna and dated 1515: one of the most significant examples of Tuscan stone furnishings in the upper Savio valley. Worked in pietra serena by skilled Tuscan stonemasons, perhaps Fiesolani, has a curved edging structure, composed of a round arch with intrados decorated with girari, a small barrel vault divided into three rows of lacunari with flowers, an entablature with frame whose throat is adorned with ova and dentils. The whole rests on pillars with Corinthian capitals that have vegetal volutes, while on the prospectus stand two human heads: feminine on the left, masculine on the right. The extrados of the arch, in the middle part, is adorned with a garland and in the upper part of the inscription: "[AVE] REGINA ET MATER CELORUM ... DNITER ... ERADIX S (AN) C (T) A ANGELORUM D (OMI) NA SALVE AND [X] QV ... ". Even the frieze band bears the inscription. "AVE [MARIA GRATIA] PLENA DOMINUS TECU (M) [BEN] EDICTA TU [I] N MULIERIB (US)"; and again above the chalice of the capitals "HOC OPUS FECIT F [YESTERD] ... [ANT] ONII D (OMI) NICI DE PORTA ... S (ANCTIS) S (I) MI D (OMI) NI D (OMI) NI LEONIS P (APA) AND DECIMES YEAR D (OMI) NI MCCCCCXIIIII ". The client is therefore the son of Antonio di Domenico Della Porta, a notary depicted on the capital on the right. The dedication to Pope Leo X is perhaps due to the fact that in 1513 he united this church to the Camaldolese Abbey of Bagno di Romagna. The church is officiated occasionally.

San Silvestro - Via San Silvestro, 1 - 47021 BAGNO DI ROMAGNA (FC)
Getting here

BY CAR: From Bagno di Romagna drive towards Cesena along the SP. 138; pass through the village of San Piero in Bagno and stay on the SP. 138 for a little less than 2 km until you reach a turning on the left where a country road winds for 2 km up to the village. BY BUS: The START Romagna 138 bus will take you as far as the turn off for the village. (9 km trip from Bagno di Romagna).

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