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SelvapianaElectric town laying on the so called "Poggio delle Corsicchie" pick and declining towards the Savio river amidst chestnut trees and farming lands. Conquered by Florence in 1404, Selvapiana was part of the Captancy of Bagno di Romagna since 1454. The most ancient part of the town aroused around the castle built on a stone pick (668 m), whereas in the lower valley developed the widest part of the town, made of two suburbs - "Chiesina" and "Casa" - joined by the church devoted to Saint Quiricus and Giuditta. On the ruins of the "castrum", destroyed by the Tuscans in 1535, there is today an oratory. In October every Sunday Selvapiana hosts a market celebrating the local chestnut.

Other info
Getting here
BY CAR: From Bagno di Romagna follow the SP. 138 towards S. Piero in Bagno, and after roughly 2 km you cross the bridge on the right over the Savio river and follow the SP. 43 up to Acquapartita (7 km). Here you turn left on the SP.123 that leads 3 km down to Selvapiana. BY BUS: From Bagno di Romagna take the 218 bus operated by the START Romagna bus service for Acquapartita. (13 km trip from Bagno di Romagna).
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