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Stemma Masi

Stemma di Antonio Masi (1543) e Cosimo De' Medici - Palazzo del Capitano

Rectangular slab of sandstone (155 x 120 cm) made in 1543 by Antonio Masi - in that year Captain of Bath - within which is placed the emblem of Cosimo de 'Medici, second Duke of Tuscany and future Grand Duke. The emblem has the 6 medicee balls (5 red placed in cinta, accompanied by a light blue sixth loaded with three lilies of France) enclosed in a cartocci oval, surmounted by gemmed cimasa; on the sides there are two swaying biscuits that swallow a putto (perhaps referring to the grandmother Caterina Sforza). At the base there is the inscription: "COS [IMO] MED [ICEO] REI [PULICAE] FLO [RENTIAE] DU [CI] II ° / ANTONIUS MASIUS CAP [ITANEUS] / FACERE CURAVIT 1543". On June 17, 1543, Captain Antonio Masi petitioned the Capitanato Council to consider that "it would be very good and very laudable work to make a provision to make a coat of the Illustrissimo et Excellentissimo Signor Duca di Fiorenza due to see, et cognoscessi for foreigners who continually come to us that this place is not fond of the others to his Excellentia ". The Councilors assigned "three prudent men to make the duce-like decree ... with the pecunias and haveri of it Captain and with mancho spendìo possible". The Medici coat of arms with the inscription, for the realization of which 100 Bolognese liras were spent, was walled over the main entrance of the Palazzo del Capitano.

Getting here

The emblem is placed on the facade of Palazzo del Capitano, located in the center of the town, in Via Fiorentina 38-40. It is located right above the entrance door to the IAT office.

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