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Piazza Ricasoli a Bagno di Romagna

Piazza Ricasoli a Bagno di Romagna

The harmonious square opens in the middle of the town of Bagno di Romagna and constitutes its living room. Dominated by the high bell tower with a square tower and enclosed between the Basilica of S. Maria Assunta, the "Grand 'Hotel Terme Roseo", the palace known as the former Magistrate's Court built in 1865, was born from the union of two squares - Piazza Ricasoli and Piazzetta S. Maria in front of the Basilica - which took place in 1888 with the demolition of the "Porta di Romagna" or "Arco Biozzi", one of the two medieval gates that locked the walled core of the town and through which the road that led from Romagna to Tuscany passed through .

In the new stone repaving, the footprint of that ancient door was designed on the ground, which was located between the corner of the basilica and the current "Grand'Hotel Terme Roseo"; just as the small square inside the walls and in front of the church has been recomposed with an autonomous design.

Getting here

It is in the center of the village.

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