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Maesta Lanzi nella Valle di Becca

Maestà Lanzi nella Valle di Becca

It is located along the old municipal mule track that from the first bridge along the road of the Mandrioli goes up the valley formed by Fosso di Becca and comes near Mount Carpano (CAI path 185). It is at the side of the pavement that climbs on a ridge. An unusual wooden nook frames a beautiful bas-relief in areanaria, by Silvano Fabiani. A plaque recalls: "IN MEMORY OF AN UNFORGETTABLE FRIEND / IMPROVED MOTORCYCLE / LANZI PIERCARLO" REGINA "/ THAT IN THIS VALLEY PREMATURELY JUNCTED / AT THE FINISHING OF HIS LIFE ON / 15 OCTOBER 2005. / TO REMEMBER THE POST OF THE FRIENDS OF THE TRIAL MS / OCTOBER 15th 2006 ".

Getting here

From Bagno di Romagna, take the SP road southwards. 138; after just over 1 km you turn off on the SP. 142 (ex SS.71) which leads to Mandrioli pass; at the first bend, next to a bridge, continue on foot on the right following the path CAI 185 that goes into the Valle di Becca: you meet after about 2 km.

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