Maestà del Trogo

Maestà del Trogo

The majesty is placed near the ruins of the Trogo farm (638 m asl), along the mule track that from Ponte Bottega, in the Pietrapazza valley, rises to Casanova dell'Alpe (971 m asl) for the Molino della Cortine (Sentiero CAI 211 ): you meet it after about 2,400 km, not far from the nucleus of Casanova dell'Alpe on the ridge. It has a massive, tower-like shape stacked with large rough-hewn stones, the roof of four-water slabs. Until the eighties of the twentieth century the nicchio was framed by a horseshoe sandstone. It was restored by the "National Park of the Casentinesi Forests" in 1998.

Getting here

From S. Piero in Bagno take the SP. 26 and follow it up to 14 km where, near S. Sofia, you take on the left a winding municipal road that in 6 km leads to the village of Poggio alla Lastra. From here follow the dirt track on the left for about 4 km to Ponte Bottega: after the stone bridge, on the left the mule track for Casanova dell'Alpe (Sentiero CAI 211): you will find the majesty after about 2,500 km.

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