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Bagno di Romagna - Santuario della Verna - itinerario_auto

Bagno di Romagna - Santuario della Verna: 42 km

 La Verna is a place for the spirit and a wonderful area, as well. It can be reached following E 45 to Pieve Santo Stefano and then taking State Road SS 208 ascending toward Chiusi della Verna (km 42). A deviation leads to La Verna Sanctuary.
La Verna is reached from any direction. The morphology of the mountain where the Sanctu-ary rises strikes the eye: an isolated cliff emerging from the forest with almost vertical edges and rocky rags. The sides are dotted by huge fallen rocks; great fractures form crevices and caves. The a singular forest, untouched and luxuriant, cover the shoulders of the mountain. The natural landscape is majestic.
Here St Francis from Assisi retired in solitude in intimate communion with God and Nature that ended with the miracle of the Stigmata (1224). Nature, art and faith create a singular union. The austere and solid buildings of the Sanctuary rest on the flattened terrace interrupting the slope called Scogliera delle Stimmate (cliff of Stigmata). A massive rock is called "Sasso spicco" and is almost suspended in the empty: St Francis used to pray under it. The small church of St Maria degli Angeli shelters the Corridoio delle Stimmate (Stigmata corridor). The Basilica where wonderful Della Robbia’s earthenwares are kept is nearby. The top of Monte Penna (1,283 m) can be reached cross-ing the forest of century-old beeches and firs. In the surroundings, the "Quadrante" and its sun watches are worth a visit.

Telephone: 0039 05755341 - Fax: 0039 05755341 -
Referent: Franciscan Shrine, Via del Santuario, 45 - 52010 Chiusi della Verna (AR)

From Bagno di Romagna take the E-45 clearway towards Rome, and leave it at  Pieve S. Stefano Nord, then follow the signs to the Sanctuary of La Verna


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