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Cippo e Croce al ponte della Roccaccia

Just outside the town of Bagno di Romagna, in a southerly direction, where the Via Casentinese crosses the SP. 138, there is a high cross of worked iron that rests on a stone base.

Cippo di Passo Serra

It was placed on the summit of Passo di Serra (1148 m asl), on the saddle between Romagna and Tuscany, from the Municipality of Bagno di Romagna in 1998 during the construction of the trail network...

Cippo di Monte Carpano

Cippus located in 1998 along one of the most evocative routes of the "Val di Bagno Trek", in a point where you can enjoy a vast panorama, just below the summit of Monte Carpano, where the...

Cimitero di S. Piero in Bagno - cimiteri_mon_gue

The elegant nineteenth-century cemetery of S. Piero in Bagno (1888-1891) is the most polished of the many works that the architect and engineer Cesare Spighi (1854-1929), who was one of the most...

Cimitero di Bagno di Romagna - cimiteri_mon_gue

Alfredo Oriani, who passed this cemetery while cycling in the summer of 1897 described it as "one of the most elegant and refined little cemeteries I have ever seen". Indeed, this...

Via Palestro a Bagno di Romagna

In the second half of the nineteenth century the words "Borgo Nuovo" were replaced with "Via Palestro". This village served as a view of a series of smaller building units...

Remains of the Porta Fiorentina

Bagno di Romagna in the fourteenth century was a small but populous castrum surrounded by walls along which two towers stood and two doors opened.

Castle walls

During the nineteenth century long sections of the walls were demolished "to give air" to the town, others incorporated into some buildings.

Vicolo del Voltone a Bagno di Romagna

This small road is partly covered by two arches, which are mentioned in documents dating from the first half of the sixteenth century when it was a "lane" that connected via Fiorentina to...

Via Fiorentina a Bagno di Romagna

It is the main street that crosses the heart of Bagno. Long they overlook palaces with clear Tuscan lines.