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Divertimento e Relax

Enjoy and Relax

The name says it all: Bagno di Romagna, named for its famous "baths" that saw its birth and growth. The beneficial properties of these thermal waters were known and appreciated by the Romans and are now enhanced by 3 spas, beauty farms and wellness centres.

The range of hydrotherapy treatments offered at Bagno di Romagna is one of the widest in Italy.

This is mainly due to the various kinds of water flowing there [ bicarbonate-alkaline-sulphurous, mineral, hyperthermal (45°C) and thermal (39°C) waters and sulphurous-bicarbonate-alkaline, low in mineral content, cold (14°C)] waters and to the modern facilities and technologies as well as the staff's professional competence offered by the three thermal baths at Bagno di Romagna - Terme S. Agnese, Euroterme, Terme Roseo. Each one of these baths has its own hotel and besides the traditional thermal baths offers a wide range of additional and specialist treatment.

The manual massage is a necessary completion of the rheumatic pathologies hydrotherapy, but at Bagno di Romagna the staff performs also other kinds of massage (lymph drainage, connective tissue massage, shiatsu, ...). In each spa there is not only a thermal swimming pool but also a gym, a physiokinesitherapy department where patients undergo electro medical treatments (ionophoresis, tens, induction, galvanic, diadynamic, electrostimulations, infra-red radiations, ultra-violet radiations, ultrasound treatment, magnetotherapy, laser, biofeedback, radar therapy, hydrogalvanotherapy), rehabilitation treatments (passive and active kinesitherapy, segmental re-education, disabled persons functional re-education) and back school for chronic cervical pain and low back pain prevention.

The hydrotherapy experts work with specialists of various domains: hydrology, cardiology, internal medicine, otolaryngology, pneumatology, dermatology, rheumatology, physiatrics, sports medicine, gynaecology, vascular surgery, gastroenterology, dietetics, cosmetic medicine. As you can see, each spa is a real and perfectly functional health facility where qualified doctors, specialists and renowned University teachers offer a high-quality and scientifically based service.

The specialist medical examinations are optional and done only on request and the medical staff of each one of the three thermal baths cannot make prescriptions under the National Health service but can prescribe all kinds of drug that will be totally paid by the patient. You can get prescriptions under the National Health Service at the tourists' doctor on duty outpatients of Bagno di Romagna.

For details about thermal and specialists' treatments service offered by each spa, follow these links: