The Santa Maria Assunta Basilica in Bagno di Romagna

The Santa Maria Assunta Basilica in Bagno di Romagna, first quoted in 861, has gone through many changes across his history: Roman features are recognizable only n the outdoor. The chuch has got a single nave with the seven chapels at each side. The recent renovation (1958-60) brought to new life the Roman doorway which was covered by the Renaissance one. Now it has a totally new style which best underlines the Artistic masterpiece that makes the church a unique example in the so called region of Tuscan Romagna. Just to mention the main art craft: triptych of Neri Bicci (1455), the polychrome statue of Andrea della Robbia representing Saint Agnes, a terracotta relief from Donatello laboratory and a Virgin from Sant'Ivo.

- Piazza Ricasoli, 13 - 47021 Bagno di Romagna (FC)
Telephone: 0039 0543911199

Referent: Don Alfiero Rossi
Getting here

It is in the town center, facing Ricasoli square.

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