The recently established village lays on the dock of a small lake (4 hectares) on the East slope of Mount Comero, along the SP 43 that goes from San Piero to Mount Fumaiolo and the sources of Tevere river. Hotels, shops, restaurants (mushrooms, truffles, game menu), cafes, bakery, pic-nic area, the football court, the pathways (for hikers, bikers and horse riders), the chestnut trees make Acquapartita the ideal spot for a relaxing holiday. Due to the wide number of fish species Acquapartita is moreover an heaven for those enjoying sport fishing. From June to September in Saturday moorning, then, all around the lakes takes place a lovely weekly market. The name "Acquapartita" ("departed water") comes from a funny story. Up to the Eighteenth century there used to be a lake rented to the locals for the community sustainment. The lake manager was in charge to control the water level in the water, so that – they used to say - "the water did not depart". A lake manager once did not pay attention enough and the water actually departed. The lake was eventually restored in the Nineteenth century.

Other info
Habitants: 186 - Altitude: 752 s.l.m.
Getting here
BY CAR: From Bagno di Romagna follow the SP. 138 towards S. Piero in Bagno, and after roughly 2 km you cross over the bridge on the right and follow the SP. 43 for 7 km. BY BUS: From Bagno di Romagna take the 218 bus operated by the START Romagna bus service for Acquapartita. (9 km trip from Bagno di Romagna).
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