Ingredients for an average-sized baking tin:
1 kg of chestnut flour,
water, salt, shelled pine nuts or walnuts, rosemary, lard or oil.



In a bowl, mix the chestnut flour with water and a pinch of salt and then add a handful of shelled pine nuts or chopped walnuts, until you get a mixture that is not too thick and will pour like honey.
Pour into an average-sized baking tin that has been greased with lard, butter or oil, so that the mixture forms a layer roughly 2 cm thick. Decorate the surface with pine nuts or walnuts, a few rosemary-needles and a cross of oil.
Bake in the oven at about 150° C until the surface turns a chocolate-brown colour and begins to crack; you can test the consistency by piercing with the blade of a knife that should come out clean. Leave to cool a little before cutting into squares and serving .
The ingredients may vary depending on the area and individual tastes: the chestnut flour can also be mixed with wheat flour (in almost equal quantities) and enriched with raisins, grated peel of citrus fruits, milk and liqueur. 

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