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Viale del Chiardovo a Bagno di Romagna

Avenue of Chiardovo

This pleasant and easy walk leads to the "Spring of Chiardovo" from which cold, mineral, sulphurous-bicarbonate water with a characteristic egg-smell flows. The beneficial effects of this water for minor disturbances of the liver and biliary tract are well known.

This gently sloping avenue, built in 1936, is shaded by linden trees and runs for 1 km in a small valley formed by the Volanello stream that flows between cultivated fields and orchards. It is paved and closed to traffic and is both healthy and relaxing, in its cool green surroundings. The path is popular for walks, especially in the summer. It has recently been lit up so it can be used even after dark.
- Via del Chiardovo - 47021 Bagno di Romagna (FC)

Getting here

The avenue branches off from the SP. 138 road, south of Bagno di Romagna.

  • Opening
    Open all year round
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