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Torre civica a San Piero in Bagno

Torre civica a S. Piero in Bagno

San Piero in Bagno is the municipal capital, and on the Piazza Allende stands the bell tower or civic tower. In the sixteenth century the Community of Corzano bought a room - then called Palazzo del Pretorio - where to bring together the judiciary and, in the days of fair and market, the Captain and the ministers of the Court to do justice. The room was formed by three small rooms overlapped: in the last one was placed the woodshed with the mechanisms of the clock and, outside, a bell that was used to call the council, the market and the school. In 1794 the construction of a bell tower began, which, in 1860, was raised to place the new mechanism of the tower clock - iron and brass handmade, signed by Agostino Cavina of Rocca S. Casciano - and to lodge a new bell, work of the founder Angiolo Balestra di Cesena (now kept in the municipal seat along with the clock mechanism): it is signed by the "Fratres de Balestra" of Cesena and bears the inscription: "This bell has been renewed and enlarged in honor of Pietro protector of the village / being Gonfalonier Filippo Biozzi di Bagno the year of the Lord MDCCCLXI ". Today a new bell rings the hours and midday.

Getting here

It is located in Piazza Allende of S. Piero in Bagno.

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