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Strabatenza is an abandoned village in the Romagna side of the "National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, Monte Falterona and Campigna", located on a slope (680 m asl), descending towards the Bidente di Pietrapazza which forms a suggestive valley. In 1951 Strabatenza was a populous village that had 189 souls scattered in various farms and in the houses that formed the nucleus - "Sommo la Villa", "Villa di fondo", "Mezzo la Villa" and "Villa" - gathered around the parish church dedicated to S. Donato, rebuilt between 1947 and 1950. In 1961 it still has 93 inhabitants: shortly after nobody. During the exodus of the sixties of the last century, the borghetto was expropriated by the State and largely demolished with the dynamite to obtain gravel for the streets late open: only the church with the rectory stood, the school built in 1956, the cemetery and a house.

Getting here

BY CAR: following the E / 45 exit at the "S. Piero in Bagno" indication, following left; shortly after (300 meters) take the SP on the right. 26 and follow it up to 14 km where you take on the left a winding municipal road that in 6 km leads to the village of Poggio alla Lastra. On the other hand, coming from Forlì to S. Sofia, you follow the SP. 26, and at km 1.00 you turn right into the municipal road. When you reach Poggio alla Lastra, follow the dirt track on the left for about 4 km, up to the equipped area of Ponte del Faggio, where you take another white road on the right that goes up to Strabatenza in 2 km.

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