Stemma Del Troscia

Stemma di Nicolò Del Troscia (1495, 1523) - Pal0azzo del Capitano

Nicolò di Bartolomeo Del Troscia, a craftsman, twice held the position of Captain at Bagno di Romagna: from 1 October 1494 to 30 September 1495, and from 1 September 1522 to 31 August 1523. At the end of his first term he made the facade of the Palazzo del Capitano its emblem: a slab of sandstone (70 x 40 cm) containing a shield with three circles surmounted by a lion. On the sides of the emblem, in two parts "14/95". The inscription reads: "NICHOLO DE BAR / TOLOMEO / DEL TROSCIA" In a lacerto added in the second administrative mandate: "CAP [ITANO] 1495 - 1523". The 2003 restorations have re-surfaced excerpts from the original coloring.

Getting here

The emblem is placed on the facade of Palazzo del Capitano, in via Fiorentina, in the center of the village.

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