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Stemma Ciacchi - Palazzo Capitano

Stemma di Francesco Ciacchi (1524) e Papa Clemente VII - Palazzo del Capitano

Rectangular sandstone slab (250 x 160 cm) with a small temple on which there are 3 coats of arms and 3 inscriptions. In the upper part there is the inscription with the news about Captain Francesco Ciacchi, who commissioned the work in 1524 ("TE [MPORE] FRA [N] C [ISC] I DE CIACHIS CAP [ITANE] I."), while its emblem (two griffins with braided glasses) is located on the lower left. At the bottom right of the shield are the symbols of the people and of the city of Florence (half cross and half a red lily) in whose jurisdiction the Capitanato della Val di Bagno fell. In the stylobate, between the two coats of arms there is an inscription with the name of Pope Clement VII, elected in 1523, that is a year before the realization of the apparatus: "CLEM [ENS] VII / PONT [IFEX] MAX [IMUS] / MDXXIII ". The large coat of arms of Giulio de 'Medici is placed in the center, between two fluted pilasters: it is devoid of the upper ball. The 2003 restoration highlighted traces of a tiara superimposed on the Medici coat of arms - probably - damaged by the Lanzichenecchi during their passage from Bagno in 1527 directed to the sack of Rome. Three years later the coat of arms was restored, as the inscription ("VIERI RICIALBANI RESTAURAVIT 1530") re-emerged after the restoration of 2003.

Getting here

The emblem is on the facade of Palazzo del Capitano, in the center of the village.

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