Stemma Bondelmonti

Stemma di Manente Bondelmonti (1571) - Palazzo del Capitano

Francesco Bondelmonti's Manente was in Bagno di Romagna from May 1, 1570 to April 30, 1571. At the end of his mandate as a deputy of the Capitanato of the Val di Bagno he applied his coat of arms on the facade of the building. It is a bipartite sandstone slab (80 x 45 cm), with a pointed upper shield with a pointed cross, with a Latin cross placed on a mountain of six peaks; the epigraph is at the bottom and reads: "MANENTE DI / FRA [N] CESCO BO [N] / DELMO [N] TI CAP [ITAN] O / L'AN [N] O 1570-71".

Getting here

The emblem is placed on the facade of Palazzo del Capitano, in via Fiorentina, in the center of the village

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