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Rocca di Corzano

Ruins of the castle of Corzano

Imposing remains of the façade, main tower, a cistern and the foundations of the fortress of a castle that belonged to the Counts Guidi of Bagno still remain on the Corzano hill. The castle was first mentioned in 1177 and in 1371 it was described by Cardinale Anglic who praised its strength and beauty. When Florence conquered the territory of the Upper Savio Valley in 1404, the castle was entrusted to Giovanni Gambacorti from Pisa. In 1424 Agnolo della Pergola took the castle after a lengthy siege while in 1453 Giovanni Gambacorti was chased away by the local population for wanting to hand the castle over to the army of King Alfonso of Aragon and Florence encompassed this area along with others that were under its sovereignty and established the "Captaincy of Val di Bagno" (1454). During the long period of Florentine dominancy the castle became less important and was gradually abandoned, being used only as a storehouse for grain and food. In 1527 the Landsknechts mercenaries, on their way to the "Sack of Rome", attacked the castle to seize food. The castle remained completely abandoned and fell into disrepair. The "Decima" tax inventory of 1765 provides a merciless description: "In Corzano a ruined castle, with fortress, ramparts, outbuildings and perimeter with a square and street in the middle". By 1784 "it is nothing more than a pile of rubble" that the Community decides to sell to the Angeloni family. In the nineteenth century the last remnants of the hamlet are knocked down to build the "Santuario della Madonna di Corzano" (Sanctuary of Our Lady of Corzano). In 1972 the Municipality of Bagno di Romagna bought what remained of the fortress and then renovated it (1975).

Getting here

BY CAR: from Piazza Allende in S. Piero in Bagno take Via Verdi and then take the left fork towards Corzano (2 km). ON FOOT: it can also be reached on the tracks and pathways that start in both Bagno di Romagna and S. Piero in Bagno (CAI Trail 193 and Val di Bagno Trek).

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