Ponte settecentesco sul fiume Savio a S. Piero in Bagno

Eighteenth-century bridge over the Savio River at S. Piero in Bagno

This two-arched bridge over the Savio River was built on the orders of the Grand Duke of Tuscany Pietro Leopoldo between 1762 and 1768 to replace a dangerous and difficult "wooden bridge made of three sections with two blocks in the middle to support the beams". The first design, with three arches, was drawn up at the beginning of the eighteenth century by Dario Giuseppe Buonenuove, while the project that was chosen was by Giovan Battista Bettini, the Grand Duke's engineer. It was built by local workers. The bridge, which is known as the "Friars' Bridge" as it is located beside the Franciscan Friary, is open to traffic.

Getting here

S. Piero in Bagno dista da Bagno di Romagna 3 km.

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