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Ponte di Pietrapazza sul Bidente di Pietrapazza

Ponte di Pietrapazza sul Bidente di Pietrapazza

It is placed in front of the Cemetery, on the mule track that connected Pietrapazza to Ridracoli, passing through Siepe dell'Orso and Casanuova (Sentiero CAI 207). It was built in 1899 by Maurizio Milanesi, an aviator of roads, designed by the Giovanni Ambrogetti municipal assistant of 1895, replacing a bridge or sheet pile of timber. The masonry building has a round arched circular structure (diameter mt.7,10) with the arched tax floor underlined by a protruding curb. The abutment walls are shaped to two sloping and concluded by crowning in cut stone; the paving runs between the side walls of support that reinforce the shoulders of the building, and is built on two slightly inclined planes and connected to the center, in sandstone cut. The entrance is wide m.70, at the center instead measure mt. 2.

Getting here

BY CAR: From S. Piero in Bagno you enter on the SP. 26 which leads into the Bidente valley, and runs up to 14 km where, just above S. Sofia, turn left onto a winding municipal road that leads to the hamlet of Poggio alla Lastra in 6 km. From here follow the dirt track on the left that skirts the Bidente up to the church of Pietrapazza (10 km) with gentle ups and downs.

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