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Ponte di Ca' Morelli sul Bidente di Pietrapazza

Ponte di Ca' Morelli sul Bidente di Pietrapazza

In 1856 the construction of a masonry bridge on the Bidente di Pietrapazza was deliberated to support a dangerous "sheet piling" with wooden axons, but was built only in the 1910s. The bridge is characterized by having a circular polycentric arch structure and a flat road profile. The shoulders rest directly on rocks and are reinforced by supporting walls shaped like buttresses. It takes its name from an abandoned nucleus of Ca 'Morelli located along the paved mule track that, starting from the bridge, goes up to Rio Petroso.

Getting here

BY CAR: From S. Piero in Bagno you enter on the SP. 26 which leads into the Bidente valley, and runs up to 14 km where, just above S. Sofia, turn left onto a winding municipal road that leads to the hamlet of Poggio alla Lastra in 6 km. From here you follow up to the houses of Poggetto (about 1 km) to take the dirt track on the left. Follow it for a little more than 1,500 km and then continue on foot on the CAI path 217 which, on the left, reaches 200 meters up to the bridge.

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