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Palazzo municipale

Palazzo Municipale in S. Piero in Bagno

The seat of the Municipality of Bagno di Romagna is located in San Piero in Bagno, Piazza Martiri 25 April 1944. When the old municipal headquarters, placed since 1865 in via Garibaldi, was irreparably damaged by the earthquakes of 1918 and 1919, it was considered appropriate build a new one. The area chosen for the headquarters was the "municipal vegetable garden", on the back of the old town hall, which stood at the corner between Viale Battisti and Piazza Dante (now Piazza Martiri), around which important public works were being carried out for some time. designed by the engineer-architect Cesare Spighi (1854-1929), as the building of the elementary schools (1898) and the grandiose parish church still under construction. For the project of the new headquarters we turned to Eng. Mario Folchi Vici, responsible for the two offices that the Civil Engineers had in the area for the post-earthquake reconstruction. In delineating it, the engineer kept in mind some priorities: using the little space available in the best way, "giving the Palace an architecture that had a local character and embellished the new square". He therefore opts for a "Florentine style" architecture, as he writes: "The 60 cm raised ground floor is made of smooth ashlar stone, the upper floor is brick in view framed in the stone.The protruding roof is supported by wooden corbels between which is a fresco decoration.The whole presents itself, in my judgment, which is desirable, that is, decorative and cheerful, not heavy.Every little detail has been taken care of ".

He therefore inevitably refrained from the many works (cemeteries of Bagno and San Piero, Palazzo Rivalta-Paganelli, the elementary school, the prevostale church ...) with which Cesare Spighi had redesigned his country of adoption over a period of fifty years. . Folchi Vici then wanted the Palazzo to have a character worthy of its use: "So from a large hall of honor - which opens onto the square with three arches closed by gates, and into which carriages and cars can enter - we then move on to Honor staircase with three very comfortable ramps, illuminated by a large three-light window, facing the grand staircase, on the upper floor, there is the great hall of the council, while a secondary entrance with special stairs will give access to the palace from the via C. Battisti ". The project, delivered on September 22, 1921, was approved by the Superior Council of Public Works on December 29, 1921, and by the City Council on May 14, 1922. Then the laborious search for funding, the assignment of works (December 21, 1926) to the company of the dr. Giuseppe Raggi of Sarsina, and finally the inauguration of the new headquarters in the spring of 1929. The wall decorations with dry coloring were carried out by Ruggero Ruggeri, Ruggeri Francesco and Carmelo Puzzolo in the winter of 1948.

San Piero in Bagno - Piazza Martiri 25 Luglio 1944, n° 1 - 47021 Bagno di Romagna (FC)
Telephone: 0039 0543 900411 - Fax: 0039 0543 903032
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It is in the center of the capital, in San Piero in Bagno.

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