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Mulattiera per il Santuario di Corzano

Mule track to the Corzano Sanctuary

The paved mule track which goes up from S. Piero in Bagno to the hill of Corzano has been a "spiritual route" from time immemorial because it leads to the Santuario della Madonna, highly esteemed by the population, which was built in the 1840s around a fifteenth-century fresco kept in the small church of a rundown medieval castle. The mule track has been depicted in the beautiful “view” which Federico Mazzuoli, a landscape artist from Florence, painted en plein air in 1788, when he came to the Valle del Savio following the Grand-duke’s engineer Ferroni. It has remained almost unchanged ever since. After the construction of the “Santuario della Madonna di Corzano” – which in all likelihood also involved paving works and small changes to the road – maintenance work on the mule track was entrusted solely to Romito, the Corzano caretaker, and to popular devotion. Today it is marked by bronze stations of a "Way of the Cross", by the San Piero artist Carmelo Puzzolo, a replica of the one made for the Medjugorje sanctuary.
The old mule track was rebuilt by the association "Il Faro di Corzano".


FOOTPATH CAI 193 and "VAL DI BAGNO TREK": fully marked w/r - LENGTH 1.200 km - SLOPE: + 212 - DURATION: 0.50 hours - DIFFICULTY: easy – WATER POINT: Corzano. – ROUTE DETAILS: S. Piero in Bagno (496 a.s.l.) - Casina (541 a.s.l.) - Corzano (678 a.s.l.).


The mule track starts on the right of the S. Piero in Bagno Parish Church. Just before Casina you have a short asphalt road section, then turn right to Corzano. The paving is uneven, so it is advisable to wear strong walking shoes.

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