Maestà di Monteguidi

Maestà di Monteguidi

It is a pilastrino, squat, with a two-water cell made from a single block of sandstone and surmounted by an iron cross. On a marble it has been engraved: "TO THE FLOWER ELECT OF THE PARADISO MARIA SS.MA./ THAT IMMACULATE SORRISE TO THE EARTH / THE DEVOTE PEOPLE OF MONTEGUIDI / SS.MA MISSIONE 1904". In the cell, a grating encloses a statue of the Madonna. It is placed along the SP. 26 which from S. Piero in Bagno leads to S. Sofia, in the hamlet of Monteguidi, and indicates the junction towards the nearby parish church of S. Maria di Monteguidi, occasionally officiated.

Getting here

The fraction of Monteguidi is located along the SP 26 that from S. Piero in Bagno, in the Val Savio, leads to S. Sofia, in Val Bidente (10 km). Following the E / 45 exit at the "S. Piero in Bagno" indication, following left; shortly after (300 meters) take the SP 26 on the right and follow it to the hamlet (km 10). The majesty is on the edge of the SP 26, on the side of the cemetery, at the junction leading to the parish church.

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