Maestà della Cialdella

Maestà della Cialdella o del Raggio

It is located on the ridge between the Fosso di Riodolmo valley and the Valle del Bidente, along the mule track that leads from the underlying church of Pietrapazza to the Eremo Nuovo (Sentiero CAI 205). Elegant and simple, it has a two-water roof covered with slabs, the façade of the niche created from a slab of sandstone. Inside a small bust of the Madonna and Child. Dating back to 1901, it takes its name from the abandoned and falling farm of Cialdella or Ciardella, located a little further on, on the half-coast; but it is also called "Majesty of the Ray".

Getting here

WALKING: take the mule track that leads from Bagno di Romagna to Pietrapazza (km.7,500) (trail CAI 209 and Val di Bagno Trek): once you reach the stone bridge, go down on the left following the CAI 205 path that descends into the underlying ditch of Rio D'olmo and dates back to the scaly ridge. BY CAR: from S. Piero in Bagno you follow the SP. 26 up to 14 km where, near S. Sofia, you take on the left a winding municipal road that in 6 km leads to the village of Poggio alla Lastra. On the other hand, coming from Forlì to S. Sofia, you follow the SP. 26, and at km 1.00 you turn right into the municipal road. Once in Poggio alla Lastra, shortly after you follow the dirt track on the left that with gentle ups and downs always runs along the Bidente to Pietrapazza (10.00 km). Here it is necessary to continue on foot taking first the CAI path 209 and shortly after, on the right, the 205.

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