Lapide alla Beata Giovanna di Bagno

Plaque to Blessed Giovanna from Bagno

Placed on the outer wall of the Basilica di S. Maria Assunta in Bagno di Romagna, this plaque is set in an elegant frame of carved stone with a tower depicted at the top and created from a design by the sculptor and engraver Romolo Mainetti of Bagno (1858-1918). The marble plaque has a carved image of the Blessed Giovanna over a cloud and reads: "ALL'INCLITA CONCITTADINA, GIOVANNA, MIRACOLO DI SANTITA', IL POPOLO DI BAGNO ERESSE, DOPO OTTO SECOLI DALLA MORTE, CHE LE CAMPANE, PER DIVINA VIRTU' SQUILLANTI, ANNUNZIARONO COME UN TRIONFO. ANNO MCMV. P. G. MANNI"(To our illustrious townsperson, Giovanna, miracle of holiness, the people of Bagno have erected this, eight centuries after her death that was marked miraculously by the tolling of bells that announced it in triumph. In the year 1905. P.G. Manni). The inscription was dictated by the writer and poet Don Giuseppe Manni (1844-1923) to celebrate the eighth centenary of the death of Blessed Giovanna whose body is conserved in a glass reliquary inside the Basilica, in the first chapel on the left.

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The plaque is on the outside of the Basilica of S. Maria Assunta in Bagno di Romagna.

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