Fontana di Andrea Cascella a S. Piero in Bagno

Fontana di Andrea Cascella a S. Piero in Bagno

The fountain is located in the gardens of S. Piero in Bagno, in front of the town hall. It is the work of the sculptor Andrea Cascella who named it "Mosè" and called "sculpture with fountain". The sculptural group is composed of 5 elements of pink marble that fit together forming a single image from which rises a vertical water play with a fan opening; on it are also directed two horizontal water games that start from two keys placed in the extreme parts of an ovoid tub in the center of which the sculpture is inserted. The water that flows from the edge of the tank ends up in the cavity of a counter-basin that contains everything. It was donated to the community in 1991 by Romagna Acque spa.

Getting here

S. Piero in Bagno is 3 km from Bagno di Romagna.

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