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Dam and Lake of Ridracoli.

Dam and Lake of Ridracoli.

The massive work, completed in 1982, is a half-moon of reinforced concrete, high 103.5 meters long and 432 meters which prompted the Bidente Ridracoli dam to form a Lake 100 hectares at an altitude of 557 slm meters.

This huge invaded, secured by advanced technologies, is capable of 33 million cubic meters of pure water which quenches the whole Romagna. The reservoir is located in a picturesque setting, perched as it is on the "National Park of the Casentino Forests, Mount Falterona and Campigna ", and is the water catchment area of the forest of Lama and the natural reserve of Sassofratino. The dam can be visited on holidays and Sundays throughout the year; and every day during the summer with the possibility of excursions on the Lake with an electric boat to explore the hidden corners of the Lake and wildlife. 

Don't miss to visit the beautiful halls of  "hydro Ecomuseo delle Acque " in the village of Ridracoli, and natural and technological pole around the dam.                                                                             
Getting here

Getting here from Cesena and Rome: E/45 exit  at S. Piero in Bagno, turn left and shortly after right to merge onto SP. 26. Once in Santa Sofia, you follow the SP. 4 up to Isola where it deviates on SP.112 towards Ponte Ridracoli and reaching  the dam (Km 35).  From ForlÏ or from Stia-Pratovecchio: SP. 4 (formerly SS. 310 Bidentina), fork to Isola (47.5 km) to take the SP.112 to the dam..

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