Cippo e Croce al ponte della Roccaccia

Cippo e Croce al ponte della Roccaccia

Just outside the town of Bagno di Romagna, in a southerly direction, where the Via Casentinese crosses the SP. 138, there is a high cross of worked iron that rests on a stone base. On it an illegible inscription reads: "ECCE LIGNUM CRUCIS, FROM CHRISTIAN A GREETING AND A GUARD AT LEAST, MDCCCLXIII". Placed along the road that led to Tuscany, it is a classic road sign: it indicated a crossroads of mule tracks and roads and also constituted the station facing south of the spring "rogazioni".

Getting here

It is just outside Bagno di Romagna, at the crossroads between Via Casentinese and SP. 138.

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