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cicloturismo, mountain bike


Bagno / Anello del Rio Salso - ciclotu_mtb

Anello del Rio Salso

From Bagno di Romagna we follow the new cycle path to S. Piero in Bagno and then take us to Piazza Allende where we take Via Verdi, going up to the nineteenth-century stone bridge over the Rio. We then follow the asphalted road up to Raggio di Sopra and at the junction for Paganico, then take the right-hand road that we abandon shortly after, to enter, again on the right and then left, on a dirt path, also marked, that a single challenging trak goes up to Monte Piano. What remains of this trail, marked b / r 213, takes us up to the ridge, where - taking right - we go on the ridge towards Monte Cocleto, then with steep descent to head towards the houses of Rio Salso that already appear, built to climb on a spur that closes the homonymous abandoned vallecula. The church and a farm, next to which we pass, are falling ruins while the large manor house with its outbuildings has been beautifully restored, which has become the hotel "Rio Salso", an excellent place to stop, but open occasionally. Behind the hotel, turning right, then take a mule track, always marked 213, which descends towards the Bidente di Pietrapazza valley along the Rio Salso stream. After crossing the Riacci bridge, turn right onto path 213A / MTB18 that leads to Ca 'di Veroli, another solitary hotel obtained from an old peasant house: we are in the Bidente di Pietrapazza valley. Just below Cà di Veroli there is a long forest road that runs through the valley, from Poggio alla Lastra (right) to Pietrapazza (left) where it is born and conforms. We take it on the left: we are in the "National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, Monte Falterona and Campigna". At the square of the Ponte del Faggio, where there is also a source and an equipped rest area, we ignore directions and roads leading to Strabatenza and Casanova, and we follow with pleasant ups and downs the carriage road (MTB18) on the right bank of the Bidente until Church of Pietrapazza. Here, once you pass a bar, you climb with continuous effort up to Monte Càrpano where, following the signs, you enter the "Mulattiera di Pietrapazza" (marked b / r 189) that goes back up to Bagno di Romagna. Follow it on the left, downhill, with a very technical single trak that leads to overcome the ruins of Prati, Casanova and Barco up to emerge on the SP. 138, in Bagno di Romagna.


ROUTE: S. Piero in Bagno (463) - Monte Piano (1059) - Monte Cocleto (1031) - Rio Salso (712) - Ca 'di Veroli (654) - Bottega Bridge (474) - Pietrapazza (625) - Riodolmo ( 839) - Monte Carpano (1031) - Prati (891) - Bagno di Romagna (496) - S. Piero in Bagno (463). LENGTH: km 33,200. TIME PERIOD: 4 hours.
Fully marked. Water points: Rio Salso, Cà di Veroli, Ponte Bottega. NOTES: Very hard itinerary: steep ascents, impervious mule tracks, very technical descents.


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