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Ring of Còmero

Ring of Còmero

It's a short run with some difficult and tecnical stretches. After the beginning on asphalt roads, it passes through paths and dirt roads on the slopes of Monte Comero, through woods and meadows in a inhahited country.


Bagno di Romagna (497) - San Piero in Bagno (463) - Ca di Gianni (606) - Poggio Piccioni (652) - Pian basilica (529) - Roccaccia (509) - Bagno di Romagna (496). From S.Piero in B. take the bridge across Fiume Savio. Here the provincial road SP 43 to Alfero begins. After bridge, turn left on Via Valgimigli; at the end of Which you find "La Grotta" on the right.

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