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Bagno / Anello 4 - itcavallo

Sui clivi e sui colli

It is a path that takes place along the secondary ridge and in the fertile rests that slope towards the river Savio, in a countryside that is an inlay of fields and woods, of farms and hamlets still inhabited.
It starts from Piero in Bagno, along Via Verdi that from Piazza Allende reaches the nineteenth-century stone bridge over the Rio di Paganico. Go past it and take the mule track on the left that goes up the side of the municipal road that leads to the fraction of Paganico and Rio Salso.
In short you reach the farms of Raggio di Sotto and Raggio di Sopra where the mule track leads to the asphalt that we follow up to the junction for Paganico. Then we follow the road to the right and then, shortly after, take a dirt road that on the right leads into the green slopes of a valley taking to rise towards the ridge, where we meet a dirt track and the signs b / r of the "Val di Bagno Trek "and CAI 201. We follow them to the right flowing between the valley of the Petrose and the Val Savio to Passo del Carnaio, with a view that extends from one side on the Romagna side of the" National Park of the Casentino Forests ", on the other on the slow wooded slopes of Monte Comero. We enter on the SP. 26 that from S. Piero leads to S. Sofia and we follow it straight until you take a dirt road on the right, marked b / r 201 which then - under the houses of Tramonte - is on a road that, coming from Montegranelli, it goes towards Monte Mescolino drawing a large semi-circle. We follow it up to Valle degli Stenti where we take to go down to the seventeenth-century core of Valcava and the village of S. Silvestro, whose church, on a hill, can be seen from all sides. From S. Silvestro go up on the right towards the Trino and then up the hill of Monte Granelli following a dirt road. At the junction we take a descent on the right along the municipal road which, in the valley bottom, enters the SP. 26: one kilometer on the left and we are again at S. Piero in Bagno.


ROUTE: S. Piero in Bagno (463 m asl) - Raggio (630) - Paganico junction (768) - Le Motte (733) - Paretaio (795) - Carnaio Pass (790) - Tramonte di sotto (801) - Ca ' di Braccio (720) - Valle degli Stenti (782) - Valcava (530) - San Silvestro (513) - Trino (585) - Crossroad of Monte Granelli (690) - Bivio SP. 26 (544) - S. Piero in Bagno (463).
Length: 25 km / WATER: Tramonte, Trino, Monte Granelli.
The path is mostly marked. To be carried out in the fresh season.


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